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Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

We are creating the future of AI with a distributed learning paradigm shift. Our message is simple enough “collecting, maximizing, and sharing the intelligence around the world“, not big data. We believe that human beings mainly are trying to collect and share wisdoms with each other, not just information itself, and creating collective intelligence in a collaborative manner. Same for the future technologies. TieSet envisions the world that Intelligence is the one that is exchanged over the Internet, not just big data.

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That being said, AI is now transitioning from the product of big data to collective Intelligence, and thus able to penetrate into a variety of areas of our daily life, business, healthcare, education, infrastructure, energy, among so many others. The mission of TieSet is to develop and deploy the top quality technologies using latest technological frameworks such as distributed learning, privacy preserving AI, and blockchain to create truly intelligent products that benefit real people’s lives.

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Our Culture

The world’s most advanced technology fields such as artificial intelligence and distributed learning are evolving and being developed at a rapid pace every day. In order to achieve innovations and breakthrough in the real world, it is essential to create the culture of willingness to learn and absorb new things quickly with an agile atmosphere. We value and embrace the environment where everyone can improve together and share ideas freely to develop innovative and inspirational technologies. The important findings in the course of our product development and R&D process will be widely disseminated through our book, blogs, and publications.

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