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Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

At TieSet, we're shaping the future of AI with a transformative approach to distributed learning. Our vision is clear: to focus on collecting, orchestrating, and sharing intelligence globally, rather than merely accumulating big data. We believe in the power of human wisdom, shared and cultivated collectively, rather than just exchanging information or data. This philosophy extends to future technologies as well. TieSet envisions a world where intelligence, not just big data, is the currency of the Internet.

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This shift signifies AI's evolution from being a byproduct of big data to becoming a tool for fostering collective intelligence. This transition opens doors for AI to deeply integrate into various aspects of our lives, including business, healthcare, education, infrastructure, and energy. TieSet's mission is to harness the latest technological frameworks, such as distributed learning and privacy-preserving AI, to develop and deploy high-quality, intelligent solutions that make a tangible difference in people's lives.

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Our Culture

At TieSet, we're immersed in the rapidly evolving realms of artificial intelligence and distributed learning, where advancements occur daily. Recognizing the pace of this technological evolution, we foster a culture that values eagerness to learn and adapt swiftly within an agile environment. Our ethos is centered around collaborative growth, where ideas are freely exchanged, fostering an atmosphere conducive to innovation and inspiration.


We are committed to not only developing cutting-edge technologies but also sharing our journey and discoveries. Key insights and breakthroughs from our product development and R&D efforts are shared with the wider community through our books, blogs, and publications. This open exchange of knowledge reflects our belief in collective progress and the transformative power of shared learning.

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