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Solutions for Industries

We present several important projects where the Adaptive-LLM and STADLE platform have been successfully integrated and utilized. For more details or other projects, please contact us.


Projects empowered by Adaptive-LLM & STADLE

We create the best solution to solve the hard problems

Manufacturing & Robotics

Training robots for new tasks consumes a lot of resources and time.

Adaptive-LLM seamlessly integrates with local ROS (Robot Operating System), elevating robotics by handling human conversations. It analyzes context, facilitating meaningful human-robot interactions. The architecture's adaptability enhances ROS capabilities, empowering robots to excel in dynamic environments and engage in contextually rich dialogues.


Fast improvement in robots’ performance on diverse tasks will be observed when they are trained in TieSet’s Federated Learning platform (STADLE) and Leaning Synthesis technologies that create collective intelligence.

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No one wants to share their healthcare data, but everyone wants to know their health diagnosis in detail.

Adaptive-LLM offers transformative solutions to healthcare challenges. By analyzing patient data and medical contexts, it aids diagnostics, treatment recommendations, and personalized care plans. Its secure local inference ensures data privacy compliance, while the architecture's adaptability supports evolving medical research and precision medicine advancements.


TieSet provides AI healthcare systems that analyze behavior patterns without transfers of personal health data by its Federated Learning platform (STADLE) as well.


Automatic interpretation of voice mails, long emails, and video footage saves a lot of time to understand the content so we can focus on “actual” tasks.

Adaptive-LLM excels in addressing semantics challenges in customer service. By comprehending context, it provides nuanced responses, enhancing customer interactions. Its adaptable learning approach ensures accuracy in understanding customer queries and evolving language trends. With secure local inference, it guarantees privacy while delivering exceptional, contextually-aware service experiences.


Personalized Federated Learning platform (STADLE) designed by TieSet is a solution to receive benefits of an intelligent virtual secretary giving you the interpretation while not giving up your data privacy.


Smart City

Automatic control of room environments enhances our well-being at workplaces and homes.

TieSet’s smart city system controls the environment using the shared intelligence learned through its Federated Learning platform (STADLE) and Transfer Learning technologies

For more information about the STADLE installation please follow our developer documentation.

Transitioning from big data to collective intelligence & moving towards the Internet of Intelligence.

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