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STADLE Platform

Licensing & Integration Services

Powered by Cutting-Edge Technology driven by Top AI Talents.


STADLE Licensing Services

3 TB

Academic License

Number of Aggregators

~ 20

Up to 100 MB

Total Storage Use

Max Model Size

1 TB

Small License

Number of Aggregators

~ 10

Up to 100 MB

Total Storage Use

Max Model Size

5 TB

Medium License

Up to 300MB

Number of Aggregators

~ 30

Total Storage Use

Max Model Size

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Enterprise License

~ 50

Number of Aggregators

Up to 500 MB

10 TB

Max Model Size

Total Storage Use

For the latest license & pricing information, please contact us. On-premise licenses are also available. We can also customize your license if nothing from these options fits your needs/use case.

Disclaimer: The free version of STADLE does not guarantee anything that could be supported by the licensed packages above and all the running system components and data will be cleaned up after 14 days.

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Looking for more?

Use Case Consulting

A holistic set of consulting services for both new and ongoing AI development projects that requires STADLE functionalities – from ideation and feasibility study to implementation strategy.

AI Application Development & Customization with STADLE

Development of AI solutions and applications to address the unique complex needs or objectives of your business that can even be empowered by STADLE platform.

STADLE Software Licensing

You are given access to an STADLE On-Premise Service with a thorough Installation Guide and use it on your private cloud with a reasonable license fee which significantly reduces overall costs.

Joint Research & Development

We partner with companies that are intensively doing research and development and striving to solve the problem of privacy, latency, and costly cloud management to breakthrough the challenges they have by taking the full advantage of features that STADLE offers.

Proof of Concept Support

We know a lot of customers are trying to develop challenging state-of-the-art systems & solutions for their ongoing projects with numerous uncertain factors. We dive on to their journey to achieve technology innovation together where the STADLE is a good fit.

STADLE SaaS Service

You do not need to purchase costly servers or subscribe cloud platforms, we host a comprehensive platform for you to use our secure cloud STADLE platform just by using our STADLE Client APIs that instantly work with your local AI solutions and applications.

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Ready to build your own STADLE enabled platform?

Our expert dedicated teams can help you deliver the best solutions and add value immediately.

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