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About TieSet


We are TieSet leading the next AI generation

TieSet Inc. is a leader in distributed machine learning space with a product development base in Silicon Valley that is creating an intelligence-centric platform with collaborative & continuous learning technologies in the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence and distributed computing systems, led by top-notch engineers and research scientists. We are proud of creating a paradigm-shifting product that will fundamentally change the traditional world of big data AI in order to transition to collective intelligence era.

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Our Team

Silicon Valley HQ


Kiyoshi Nakayama

Founder & CEO

Kiyoshi is the founder and CEO of TieSet Inc. He was a Research Scientist at NEC Labs America where he led an R&D project of a decentralized Federated Learning framework using blockchain. He also conducted research on design and optimization of a scalable Computer Vision system and a cloud energy management platform. Before that, he worked at Fujitsu Labs America. He holds the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of California, Irvine where he received two Best Paper Awards.


Anthony Maddalone

VP in Business Development

Anthony has an ample experience in technology, product management, business development, and marketing as a Former Founder/CEO leading and scaling a successful startup. He is a Machine Learning author for Packt Publishing about deep learning with CNN’s, RNN’s, GAN’s and Custom TensorFlow. He is also deepening his knowledge in Analytics at Georgia Tech.


Jayendra Khandare

Senior Software Engineer

Jayendra is an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry at Amadeus North America with a Master's degree focused in Computer Science from Indiana University Bloomington.


George Jeno

Lead Research Engineer

George has intensively studied Machine Learning at Georgia Tech in the Master program at the Department of Computer Science. He is leading the development of core algorithms of STADLE product, and integrate advanced features from with R&D team. 


Genya Ishigaki

Visiting Researcher

Genya took his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. His research and development experience lies in deep reinforcement learning with combination theory, 5G communications system, protection and recovery in networks, and online learning techniques. He is exploring a scalable and secure Federated Learning framework.


Jose Barreiros

Visiting Researcher

Jose got his Ph.D. at Cornell in Systems at the Organic Robotics Laboratory.  His interest in Robotic Systems converges on the intersection of Computer Science, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. Particularly, he has been pursuing the applicability of distributed learning paradigm in robotics. Jose was a researcher at Facebook Reality Lab. 


Aneel Lakhani

Fundraising & GTM Advisor

Aneel has been working in enterprise technology full time since high school. He’s moved from software engineering to operations to product to marketing at companies like IBM, Cisco, SignalFx, and Honeycomb. Having done everything for the first time from scratch and scaled to managing international teams, he now uses this breadth of experience to help early stage founders successfully go to market and get to their next stage of growth.


Badrinath Narasimhan

Business Development Advisor

Badrinath’s industry experience includes Capital Markets, Investment Management, Credit Ratings Industry, Data Science, ML/AI, Cognitive Intelligence Automation, Fintech and Dev-ops/Cloud. Badrinath’s passion is to create and scale Products & businesses built around creating customer value and developing the foundation for transformation, growth, profitability and innovation.

TieSet Asia

F9 New Shimbashi Building, 2-16-1, Shimbashi,

Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, JAPAN

Shigeki Nakayama


Shigeki is a co-founder of TieSet Inc. and serves as a CFO. With more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, he has succeeded in deploying the subscribe model business nationwide in Japan. He currently serves as a CEO of Ultra Holdings that operates three group companies of Ultra Print Service Corporation, UPWORLD Corporation, and Fun Standard Corporation, aiming for IPO.

Norikazu Furukawa


Norikazu graduated from University of San Francisco in California. After that he took Ph.D. degree at the University of Tokyo. He used to work as a consultant for marketing research of large companies. Currently, he is intensively in charge of project and product management, bridging the US and Japan teams as well as leading the business development efforts of the global business teams.

Koji Ito


Koji has ample experiences in telecommunication businesses in Asian countries, Brazil, etc. During his time at trading company, he partnered with a Korean company to become the COO of a mobile software development company and achieved IPO. In addition, he is internationally active in a wide range of the latest technology fields and serves as a CEO of many companies and chairman of the overseas business committee.

Shigeru Yuasa


Shigeru started his career as a SE of the biggest newspaper company in Japan. After that, he studied AI in the US. He also worked on products, services, business planning at Apple, Compaq, SONY, etc.  After participating in the launch of a new MVNO company, he was engaged in video distribution infrastructure services. He is active in a wide range of fields such as marketing and consulting both in Japan and overseas.

Toyomi Amano


Mr. Amano has overseen the business of a Japanese corporation in a global company operating in more than 180 countries around the world and has served as a managing director. He established M&S Corporation (currently PCI Holdings Corporation) in April 2005. PCI holdings Corporation was listed on TSE Mothers in 2015 and then listed on First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2016. Based on his own business experience and IPO experience, he makes capital and business alliances with many venture companies and maximize their potential.

Fujio Tanaka, Ph.D.


As an R&D engineer, Dr. Tanaka received many patents for system development of recording materials, and was awarded a Ph.D. degree in engineering at Waseda University.  He was awarded the Prime Minister’s Invention Award for “The invention of magneto-optical recording media”. After serving as a director, technical adviser, and consultant for domestic and foreign companies, he became a CEO of an investment company. He is currently playing an active role as a venture capitalist and local governmental supporter.