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About TieSet


TieSet is at the forefront of the next AI generation

At TieSet Inc., we envision a future where AI transcends traditional boundaries, integrating seamlessly into diverse environments. Our intelligence orchestration platform, STADLE, makes centralized training much more efficient, adding the capability of decentralized AI learning, enhancing integration and impact across various industries. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, our elite team of engineers and researchers is dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions in machine learning, merging AI with distributed AI and computing systems. We're not just advancing technology; we're shaping a future where collective intelligence redefines the big data AI landscape.

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TieSet Inc.

Silicon Valley HQ

214 Homer Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA

The Founders


Kiyoshi Nakayama

Founder & CEO

Kiyoshi is the founder and CEO of TieSet, Inc. Before launching TieSet, Kiyoshi cultivated his expertise as a research scientist at NEC Laboratories America, renowned for its exceptional machine learning research. He also served as a postdoctoral researcher at Fujitsu Laboratories of America, where he developed an innovative distributed system for smart energy. His distinguished career features many international publications and patents, and he has twice received the best paper award. He holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. As a leading researcher in the field, Kiyoshi is the primary author of Federated Learning with Python, a key text in distributed machine learning.


George Jeno

Co-Founder & CTO

George is the co-founder of TieSet Inc. and the driving force behind the technical development of the STADLE federated learning platform. His profound knowledge in machine learning theory and system architecture design has been pivotal in advancing research on new algorithms and applications for distributed and federated learning. George's academic credentials include a Master’s degree in Computer Science, with a focus on machine learning, from Georgia Tech. Demonstrating his expertise and commitment to the field, George is also the co-author of Federated Learning with Python, a key publication that underscores his significant contributions to machine learning innovation.


Sri Rao

Board Member

Sri Rao serves as a synthetic founder and Board Member of TieSet, where he plays a key role in guiding the company's strategic vision and growth. Sri specializes in startup formation and pre-seed investments, supporting the development of innovative early-stage companies. With a distinguished background as a former product leader at Samsung and Meta, he has focused on advanced technologies and has extensive experience as a founder, operator, and investor. His work has led to several notable acquisitions by major companies, showcasing his ability to drive innovation and success in the tech industry.

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