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Our Partners


PCI Holdings

PCI Holdings Inc is principally engaged in software development leading the IoT/IoE domain in Japan. PCI Holdings develops its own business and technical solutions, Semiconductor, and IT services.


KDDI Research

KDDI Research Inc. aspires to predict the future of society, and make it fulfilled with hope. They design and present their vision of the social and technological futures, and create next-generation technologies.



AZAPA engages in Automotive, Energy, Info Tech, Communication & Technology, and R & D business. It realizes renewable energy, social networks for energy optimization, and new possibilities and communication technologies through mobility management, from developed markets. It aims to build peace and abundance with advanced technology and ideas to the BOP market.



Since its establishment in 1972, Macnica has been providing cutting-edge semiconductors, electronic devices, networking, and cybersecurity products with added technical value. Leveraging its traditional strengths in global sourcing and technical planning of the latest technologies, the company is expanding into new businesses in areas such as AI/IoT, autonomous driving, and robotics.

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