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Privacy-Safe Ad Targeting

Intelligent Dynamic Ad Delivery for the Cookieless Future

TieSet’s patented Decentralized Federated Learning framework enables intelligent ad targeting, without dependence on identifiers like the cookie or mobile device ID. User data stays with the owner, training models on the edge device, and only resulting intelligence is shared.

Consumer sentiment is driving a privacy revolution, with regulations gaining momentum worldwide, and major platforms responding by removing identifiers or requiring users to opt-in to the identification. Publishers report earning only 50-70%  CPMs on anonymized traffic compared to impressions with a cookie, but by 2022, no major browsers will continue supporting this outdated technology. In the mobile ecosystem, Apple is already moving to automatically opt users out of sharing the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers), on which app campaign targeting relies. 

Such changes in the ecosystem tend to drive more dollars toward the walled gardens, but independent players can compete. Continue driving top CPMs for publishers by delivering the results advertisers expect in a sustainable, ad-supported, privacy-protected internet.

Privacy-Safe Ad Targeting


Traditional centralized databases require data to be pooled in the cloud, presenting significant security risks, potentially violating privacy regulations, and adding unnecessary latency, energy, and cost of large data uploads. TieSet’s decentralized Federated Learning platform instead keeps all data on edge devices, training AI models and uploading them as anonymized and sanitized intelligence.

Portable Model

A personalized ML model is stored in aggregator and lent to a user only while they browse the site/app.

Cross-site Consolidation

Estimated user profiles from multiple sites/apps are integrated to improve the performance of ad suggestions.

Browser Agnostic

Model is not tied to any specific browser or app.


User data stays on their device, eliminating reliance on cookie/IDFA. Privacy regulation compliant.


Reduce latency caused by cookie-sync to serve ads at 5G speeds.

Energy & Cost

Data processing moves to the edge, saving massive cost and energy of data transfer.

Grey Theme Objects

Data Management Becomes Intelligence Management

 Replace “Tracking” cookies with edge ML modules, to generate user model


Replace database of user profiles with user models


Match Ad inventory with user model instead of user private information


Data Management


Enable privacy-safe ad targeting for your demand and supply partners through a simple addition to the publisher SDK. Request a free consultation or demo for more information.

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